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Welcome to the Chinese Health And Fitness website brought to you by Richard Stacel. I have been into Chinese martial arts, Chi-gung, Eastern medicine, sciece, health, nutrition, fitness and more for over 35 years. On this website, you'll discover True health and fitness, links to numerous published articles I've written, videos and partner sites. You can also preview and order the Chinese Health and Fitness video. I'm so glad to be able to bring you this video that I have worked on for so many years to teach you the true techniques of lasting health, healing, vitality, and longevity, all based on knowledge derived from Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine as well as modern nutritional understanding.

This website and video teaches you much more than traditional health, fitness and chi-gung (Chi-gong/Qigong)(breathing and energy work). It will teach you the techniques that you need to gain true health, boost immunity, get strong, fit and lean, as well as attain longevity from the comfort of your own home and without spending hours in the gym, lifting heavy weights, doing hours of aerobics or wasting money and time on ab machines, belts, fat loss pills or other useless gadgets that waste your time and money and do nothing but give you false hope. All you need is your own body, will and the right knowledge!









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Just a warning to those who may be sensitive to seeing animals in a less than healthy condition, that some scenes in this video might be a bit disturbing. But I feel it's a very important to get this truth out to as many people as possible.


  • "I'd first like to say that I purchased your dvd and it's one of the best, if not the best out there as far as qi gong goes. Thank you for making that. Even my qigong experienced friend loved the dvd. Its just so practical and easily have a way of communicating this stuff to people like myself who are genuianly interested in learning and dont want hype either so you can do alot of good. If I ever move back up north i'd like to personally train with you."


  • (NaturalNews feedback forwarded from customer)"When I looked up the link to Richard's website, I was very pleased to be able to view portions of his video. One of the biggest problems in studying with Asian teachers has often been language, as some of the fundamental concepts are not always well conveyed. Also, I have bought many videos on the healing arts to only be disappointed as the filming was often so poorly done it was difficult to see important aspects. Richards video was extremely well done and visually pleasing."


  • "Thank you for your dedication in putting this all in one easy accessible DVD! phew !..I can truly appreciate your dedication. Pearls of wisdom are chuck full throughout... I think you should be on Oprah, Dr. Phil and CNN. Much appreciation for your hard work,"

    Thank you!, Teakie

  • From Transplantbuddies website;

    "I received my chinese Health and Fitness video on Friday and I have watched the video only two times. After watching the video and practicing the many exercises, I slept like a baby. Richard explains the importance of breathing exercises, nutrition and acupressure and just a basic knowledge about overall health that I never heard before. It all makes perfect sense. His advice is powerful. Knowledge is power as the saying goes."

    "I Rise', of TransplantBuddies highly recommend the Chinese Health and Fitness video for all of my pre and post transplantbuddies. I know you will not regret one penny of your choice to buy this video."


  • "Thanks for the DVD...I like it very much. For years I have paid immense amounts of money for books on alternative medicine or "health letters" by Drs. Whittaker, Lark, West, Douglass and others. Now, for $40, I have it all compiled on your video. Should have known that earlier."


The techniques on this video are PROVEN effective over thousands of years through the experiences of millions of practitioners the world over. They have seen their health improve, become stronger, healthier, lost weight, got into better shape, improved their endurance, peace of mind, set a foundation for longevity and even recovered their health over time. The techniques in this video are taken from Chinese medicine and martial arts, both of which have thousands of years of proven effectiveness in all areas of human health, fitness and healing both mentally and physically. The principles of Chinese Health And Fitness WORK. There is nothing like this video out there! Whether you're looking for REAL answers on health, fitness, meditation, nutrition or more, no matter your goal there is something for everyone on the Chinese Health and Fitness Video.

This video teaches one of, if not the most effective breathing set ever devised, the "8 Pieces of Brocade" aka "8 Silk Breathing". This breathing set takes about 15 minutes to complete and is a series of slow motion zero impact exercises that virtually anyone can do. Breathing is the foundation of life and there is no exercise more effective for true health, healing and longevity than learning proper breathing exercises.

Then through meditation techniques, the mind will take the great amounts of energy that are built up with "8 Silk Breathing" and bring it to a higher level of strength and balance, directing bringing the mind into the battle of health and healing. This in turn brings your emotional and internal thought control, health, strength and immunity to even higher levels. It's not just physical working out, diet and/or supplements alone that create health. The true bottom line factor for all health and indeed ones very life resides in the quality, quantity, flow and balance of ones life force or Chi.

Chinese Health And Fitness video is a home wellness video designed to be simple, easy to follow, to take all the guesswork and confusion from all the contradictory information that the media, health and fitness industry are constantly spewing forth. It will teach you what you truly need to do in order to achieve great health and reduce or eliminate your risk of disease.

There is nothing like this video out there anywhere. Click on the CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW button below to get your copy of this informative, effective and powerful video now!





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You can hear some more healing truths in online radio interviews that I did with Patrick Timpone's ONE RADIO NETWORK.

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I'm also available for phone consultation on an 30 or 60 minute basis or longer if needed. If you have a health issue that won't go away after having tried all the normal and even not so normal methods. If you're tired of drugs, surgeries and doctors in general and want REAL answers to health questions. If you've been searching the web in vain for health answers and want to REALLY know what you have to do to truly attain health, heal, get strong, fit, gain control over your thoughts and mind, increase immunity or just really want other answers than what I cover on the video you can email me below with some details and we'll set up a time. I can send you a conference call number via email so you don't even have to reveal your phone number. (Long Distance charges may apply)

My information is going to center around telling you what you really need to do in order to get healthy and heal. The answers are really SO much simpler than western medicine makes it out to be. Of course that's by design as they want you to think that only the billions of dollars and decades of research can we "find the answers". It's all a fraud and a huge scam the likes of which most people would never believe. We truly live in a land of illusion and confusion.

I will teach you the tried, true and simple principles of health and fitness, as well as many more of my secret remedies, deep understanding, knowledge, special healing meditations and other techniques and more to help you truly heal or overcome nearly any issue. Things that I touch upon in the video but in much more depth and detail. I can talk about specific nutrients to take, herbs, acupressure points, other breathing techniques and more, most of which can be done anywhere to increase energy and thus speed healing. Some of this I'll be covering in my later videos, which will each focus on one of the major topics presented in the Chinese Health and Fitness video.

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{Keep in mind that I'm NOT a "medical doctor" so my information should never be sought in place of traditional health care!}

Though I'm not a "MD" many of those who know me do in fact consider me one. I have helped countless people over the years where doctors failed by teaching them true principles and techniques of how to get into health and stay that way. I was able to give them solid advice on diet, nutrition, super-foods, raw foods, which breathing techniques, acupressure points, meditations and visualizations, nutrients and supplements to take and more. Once you understand what really governs your health and your very life and how to bring it all into balance, health and healing are a virtual guarantee.

I will teach you the BOTTOM LINE information that you need to truly know what is causing health issues and tell you exactly the things that you MUST do to start correcting the true causes of your health problems. People always say that no one can afford to get sick, that has never been more true than at this time in modern history. With medical costs skyrocketing in all areas from doctor bills, insurance, health care plans, drugs and surgery there ARE proven alternatives that WORK!

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of occult cancer; for if treated (by surgery), the patients die quickly; but if not treated, they hold out for a long time." - Hippocrates, (460-370 BC).

Checkout NATURALNEWSRADIO featuring the ROBERT SCOTT BELL show daily. This is an excellent health oriented radio show that runs 24x7 where you can learn a LOT about all aspects of food, health, the mind, nutrients, raw and organic foods and so much more. Just listening for a few minutes you will learn something a I do nearly every time I listen. Click on the image ABOVE^ to listen in.


I started in Chinese medicine and true Chinese Gung-fu over twenty-six years ago. In China, the martial artists always made the best doctors due to their deep knowledge of Chi theory, the human body, anatomy, healing herbs, coupled with their strong chi flow from their martial arts training. I work as a network engineer with strong interests in science, technology, physics, astronomy, reading, music and more.

True Gung-fu training also includes healing techniques because part of the morality of the training is that if you injure someone, you should also learn how to heal them and restore them back to health. Shaolin Gung-fu has many specialties of healing and medicine which have no equivalent in the west. Health maintenance and endurance is a huge part of true martial arts training. This is where seeing the fantastic benefits of breathing, meditation, nutrition, fitness, healing, acupressure techniques and more all come into play in the Chinese Health And Fitness Video. I have continued to expanded my knowledge in all of these areas significantly since my initial training. In China and many other parts of the world, it's old mystics and serious martial artists who have attained fantastic longevity time and time again. Some have reached ages of nearly biblical proportions.

I have read over sixty-five books on chi-gung (chi-gong/qigong) alone and many others on nutrition, health, healing and more. I have been teaching health, healing and martial arts to friends, family and students for over twenty years and helped many people to recover their health and their lives.

I also have numerous health, better living, fitness, chi-gung/qigong and other videos posted at NATURALNEWS.TV. You can view these videos at the link below under the name "CHINESEHEALTHFITNESS"

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific matter." - Thomas Sydenham, (1624-1689).

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "Nearly all men die of their medicines, not of their diseases." - Moliere, (1622-1672).





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Proper breathing is absolutely VITAL to health and longevity. In the west, most people breathe very shallow due to a number of factors from social conditioning to very sedentary lifestyles. This gets us into the habit of shallow breathing which means were only using the upper portions of the lungs. This causes a number of problems including leaving a lot of stale air and life force (Ions or chi) in the air sitting at the lower part of the lungs which is never being expelled. The second is that as you age and muscles weaken due to lack of use then you're slowly depriving yourself of oxygen and chi or life force over time. Since the Oxygen content of the air is about 25% less than it was just 200 years ago, this means that you're further depriving yourself it vital life energy even more than normal. This makes deep breathing exercises life the 8 Pieces of Brocade, shown in the video, that much more important.

Shallow breathing is a very serious problem for many people today. Most people tend to chest breathe, especially as they get older. This limits the amount of oxygen and chi taken into the system and this is often a major factor in the development of cancer.

It was proven in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg that cancer cells cannot exist in an oxygenated environment. Dr. Warburg won the Nobel prize in medicine for this discovery, yet breathing is still largely ignored in the west as an effective treatment or preventative for cancer. It's said that proper breathing can cure literally any disease in time since deep breathing helps to purge out toxins and cleanse the blood (a major causes of illness and disease). It also helps to oxygenates the blood which it's interesting to note that the creator has designed so that all viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans die in the presence of oxygen, but thrive in the absence of oxygen. Deep breathing also takes in huge amounts of electromagnetic energy or chi into the body which is vital to increasing the strength of each cell. This also increases cell regeneration and boosts the immune system to eliminate mutated cells and viruses. Since most viruses carry a positive electric charge, once it's charge is neutralized the danger it poses to the body is therefore rendered null and void. This is why breathing outdoors, indoors in a room with plants or at least an ion generator can help you to take in more negative ions or chi with every breath.


Proper breathing should be Long, Slow, Deep and Silent. Most people take short, rapid shallow breaths only from the upper portion of the lungs which is a big problem. This not only is wasting a large amount of the capacity of the lungs but the greater the breath, the more of a cooling and strengthening effect this has on the lungs since the lungs are strongly tied to the heart. The stronger the lungs and more effective and deeper the breathing, this helps to act as a second heart through the lower movements of the diaphragm taking a huge load off the heart. The movement of the diaphragm helps to move blood with greater volume through the body as it gently massages the lower organs with each deep breath you take. The stronger the lungs and the greater the energy and oxygen content of the blood, the less work the heart has to do to get these two VITAL life elements into each cell and the stronger and longer your heart will last. The Chinese measure age, not in chronological years but in heartbeats. When the lungs are stronger and each organ is filled with chi and oxygen the heart takes a greater rest between beats and works much more easily when it is contracting, thus lowering blood pressure and heart rate significantly.

In the Chinese "Law of the 5 Elements" lungs are metal and the heart is fire. The stronger the lungs (metal) are the greater amount of heat from the heart (fire) they can absorb when needed. In martial arts we use this knowledge to greatly strengthen and increase endurance during a fight, when running or any other strenuous activity and the abilities that many of the fighting monks were able to attain through the use of proper breathing over time are truly astounding and defy what most people would believe. When you practice holding your breath for several seconds or more, you're using the metal of the lungs to absorb and cool down the fire of the heart. This is a simple example of these laws and principles at work.

8 Pieces of Brocade/8 Silk Weaving

This breathing set is over nine hundred (900) years old and it actually has several different names. I first learned it as "8 Silk Weaving" but the more well known name is "The Eight Pieces of Brocade". Brocade is a silk cloth that was highly valued in China, just as the health and longevity that this set brings is also highly valued. This is one of the oldest and most effective traditional qigong (chi-gung) sets ever created. It was created in the eleventh Century AD by Marshall Yue Fei, who was a military leader and he was well versed in Qigong and Qigong theory which he learned through Shaolin Gung-fu and he made this set to keep his troops healthy and strong, which it surely did. It is said that his troops were never defeated because of their health, energy as well as his great skill as a general and martial artist.

It is this breathing set that is one of the primary modalities that will build up large amount of chi when done regularly and consistently , about 4-6 times per week. This extra chi or life force is a vital and necessary step for all healing and regeneration that occurs within the body. Whether western medicine talks about it or believes it or not, it has been proven over and over again to be true, especially by myself and so many others I've taught and throughout history. Modern science does indeed confirm what the Chinese have said for millennia about breathing, energy work and chi. It's been seen to exist and shown over and over again that those who have high chi storage and flow simply don't get sick or diseased, are far stronger, live longer, have greater mental capacity, energy, vitality and more...sometimes to significantly higher levels.

The Eight Pieces of Brocade takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. The set has eight exercises to it, with each one being performed eight times or eight reps. The set involves various arm and upper body movements with coordination of breathing and a concentrated but relaxed mind. It's similar to Tai Chi, but it has no stepping or complicated lower body movements. Instead, one stands still in static stances while the rest of the body moves. The static stances build up strength and energy in the legs and leg meridians (energy pathways) which benefits the organs, especially the kidneys, liver and spleen, and the arm and upper body movements gently build up and circulate chi (life force) in the arms and the rest of the body which benefits the heart and lung channels primarily but all of the organs too.

All movements are done in a slow, controlled, very gentle manner, making the Eight Pieces perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, including the elderly and infirmed, as well as the young and strong. It is a NO impact set of breathing, mind and body exercises. Most people will notice its effects the very first time that you practice this set, and the results only accumulate the more one practices. Within a few months, nearly every one that practices this great set notices a significant improvement in energy, immune response, mental clarity, sleep improvement, endurance, and an overall greater sense of health and well being.

After the Eight Pieces of Brocade or Eight Silk Breathing, I'll be showing a simple method to collect chi back into the lower abdominal area where chi or life force is stored in the body. That's to make sure that the energy that we have just collected with the 8 pieces of brocade doesn't get lost or wasted back out into the air, so we gently use the mind and calm breathing to help collect it into the dan tien area in the abdomen so that it gets added to the general energy flow of the body. This is good to practice after all Qigong exercises.

Vitamin World

The Power of Breathing

In China there are even whole institutes that teach and use nothing but breathing techniques to cure cancer, and they have a far higher success rate than any other methods used. Upwards of over 75% of patients experience partial or total cure, with an even higher percentage experiencing a great decrease in symptom related pain and other related issues. When combined with other techniques such as herbs, acupuncture, massage therapy, emitted chi (Fa chi) from healer to patient and such the success rate is higher still.

There is even a group of people called "The Breatharians" who have been said to never have to eat and rely totally on breath to sustain their bodies and lives. In 1936 a woman was introduced to the press in Florida who is said to have never eaten solid food in 56 years, but at the age of 68 she was said to look and behave as a child. Many who begin to practice breathing sets such as the 8 pieces of brocade and other chi-gong exercises also note that many times they were going to practice breathing, then have something to eat about 30 minutes later but that after doing the breathing set, they were no longer hungry for several hours afterward and did not eat at all. That's because when you're hungry it's not that the body is necessarily looking for physical food, matter or nutrients, but it's really telling you that it needs to be recharged with CHI. This simply means that your battery was low and needed to be truly re-energized with extra life force that you get from practicing the 8 Silk Weaving exercises.

The body is very much like a wet cell battery that you have in your car, which is necessary to start the engine. If you were to remove the water from the battery which is the medium necessary to become energized when the battery charges and what allows negative electrons to flow between the metal plates, the battery would become weaker and weaker until the power is completely gone.

In the human body, it's said by the Chinese that "Chi is the mother of blood". Chi resides in the blood as well as other vital fluids of the body including sexual fluids, lymph and water of the body. So the more we breath chi and energy into our systems the more were energizing the fluids in our body, just as we would charge the wet cell battery in our cars and the greater voltage (push) our battery will have to turn over the engine, just as we will have greater energy to move our muscles, make our heart beat healthy and strongly, our brains to work powerfully and in a balanced manner, our thought energy and even intellect will increase as well as our wisdom, insight and so much more.

Here is great website on WILD AND EDIBLE MEDICINAL PLANTS Click on their banner below

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs but will interest his patients in the care and nutrition of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison (1847-1931)






(Note: If you purchase the VIDEO DOWNLOAD and don't have a Paypal account, you'll NEED to email me after checkout to get the download link)

In the second part of the video I'll be teaching basic meditation. Basic does not mean weak, ineffectual or low level, in fact this meditation is much more effective and powerful than what most regard as meditation in the west. Meditation in Chinese medicine and martial arts is faaar more effective then most think. It's really not so much meditation as it is energy generation, storage and management.

What is considered meditation in the west is really used as warm up and relaxation in chi-gung (chi-gong/qigong). Meditation means to build up energy and to circulate it throughout the body, often in coordination with deep breathing and a calm relaxed mind. This is more advanced and can get very advanced at the higher levels, but of course the results on health, mental peace and clarity and even physical strength can't even begin to be imagined by those who have not gotten to that point. I'll be teaching these more advanced meditation in my later video which will be dealing specifically with meditation.

Meditation is very important today for SO many reasons. One of the most important ones being thought and mental control of fear and various emotions. Many people today have great trouble controlling their thoughts and a lot of this has to do with the diet. A diet full of processed foods, too much red meats, chemicals and other man made ingredients builds up too much fire energy in the body. Thoughts are classified as yang or fire energy, so the more of this we have in our diet the more our thoughts race and the less were able to quiet the mind and the harder it is for us to shut our minds off. This is also the reason that so many today also have sleeping issues whether it's falling or staying asleep. The mind is never truly getting calm or quiet because the body is too full of fire or yang energy. This keeps the mind too active all the time and worrying about things both real and imagined. This causes you to take a long time to fall asleep, or keep you from falling asleep at all and this excess thinking and worrying waste more energy than virtually anything else.

Let me also add that this meditation has NO religious implication as many in the west seem to mistakenly believe, especially in more religious circles. This is largely due to reports from China where rogue martial artists would combine the true and safe internal meditations with various external techniques, attempting to have various outside entities such as the "monkey god" or other such pagan gods enhance their skills and abilities. Such things NEVER WERE and ARE NOT part of the true martial arts nor Shaolin or Taoist philosophies or the arts that sprang from them such as Shaolin Gung-fu, Tai chi or any of the other internal arts, including chi-gung/qigong. There are even Gung-fu movies that address this problem and show that sorcery, witchcraft and other means are not part of real Gung-fu at all and hence they're certainly not part of this video at all!

Note: When using terms like witchcraft, the occult or other terms, I'm not referring to any specific religion. These are catch all terms that in the west have generally come to denote dark arts or groups using such ablities to enhance their own personal power, wealth, influence or control over people. Just about all religions and groups today have a smaller sector using the same name as that religion but mixing it with dark side teachings. In the west, witchcraft became a term to denote all such dark arts whether it was used via black or white magic or none at all. Since this is now a common term to most people it is used in this venue and is not intended to impune or offend any group or religion that does not ahere to those practices or beleifs.

Since humans have always sought out ways to greater power, influence and control over people, especially quick ways to that power, there have always been those who mixed their pure religious teachings with various dark side and occult techniques and powers in nearly every philosophy or religion to bring greater power and abilities to themselves and their secret societies, groups or religions . But the True techniques in meditation and developing personal internal health and chi strength, such as those on this video are strictly dealing with ones own internal energies and the only external energies are those from nature itself, IE from trees, plants, the earth and sun. These are mere energies of physics and science. What the Chinese have called chi, today is known as "Ionic energy". So in breathing and dealing with our own energies were building up a far greater store of this energy, just as a car battery builds up greater energy stored in it's fluids between the electrical plates.

There are those who say that you can't know the difference between what is a natural energy and a demonic one..but you can. When your mind is calm and at peace and especially when one has God's spirit (If you are a commandment keeping Christian) then you will know the difference and know that it is perfectly safe, healthy,legitimate and even scriptural to use things from nature to build your own health, strength, immunity, mental faculties and the like.

This is NOT transcendental meditation nor any new age philosophies where your asking outside entities or beings to enter you or anything dark or evil. I also read the bible and know well that they are in full agreement with those teachings which I can even prove from the scriptures. It can be practiced by adherents of any religion since this is dealing with ones own spirit and is neutral in that regard. These techniques are not meant to "replace Jesus" in any way nor are they used as some kind of "substitute" for gaining eternal life outside of faith and obedience to God.

These meditations and breathing use your own energies similar to electricity to build up the storage of chi or the human spirit in the body given by the creator. Just as the creator has a spirit that he uses to do his will, so He has given humans as spirit as well and through time and RIGHT training we can learn to use our own spirit and biological energies to greatly increase our health, strength, healing, immunity, longevity and even speed healing at our will to. That is what these breathing and meditations utilize and deal with, nothing more.

If you're a Christian and are concerned about this, here are a few scriptures for those with this concern to prove that it's God that created these energies within the body.

  • John 7:38 (KJV) He that believeth me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.
  • Romans 8:16 "The Spirit bears witness with OUR spirit that we are children of God."
  • James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.
  • John 6:63 It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.
  • John 20:22 And when He (Jesus) had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, �Receive the Holy Spirit.
  • Job 34:14-16 14 If He should set His heart on it, If He should gather to Himself His Spirit and His breath,15 All flesh would perish together, And man would return to dust.16 �If you have understanding, hear this; Listen to the sound of my words:

Vitamin World

The scripture that states Satan is "the prince of the power of the air" does not mean that this is the "breath of life", otherwise you're making Satan out to be God, which is exactly what he wants you to think! God is the creator and HE is the one that created the spirit in man. Humans are kept alive by the oxygen in the air, as well as the spirit energy in the air from GOD, not Satan. In fact ALL flesh is empowered by this same "life force" from God as we read in the book of Job.

Just because the Chinese PEOPLE, (and chi-gung/qigong is not from the people) who have always been very superstitious, believe that chi is what causes them to thrash about all over the place when doing certain so called "chi-gung" (chi-gong/qigong)exercises does not make it so. Also they called the energy that travels up the spine "Kundalani" or serpent energy and the meridians they call "dragon veins" all of which harken back to the serpent, the devil or Satan. But that is NOT what they're called in Chinese medicine or true martial arts. As the arts spread to the regular people of China several hundred years ago from monasteries, the PEOPLE began to mix their superstitious knowledge of dragon worship and the occult with the true martial arts, Chinese medicine and internal energy cultivation, which ONLY works with ones own energy within the body. That energy comes from breath and through simple visualizations nothing of which has to do with evil, Satan, the occult, witchcraft, sorcery, serpent power or anything of the like. Just because various groups use similar techniques and terms does not mean that the technique itself it evil. It's the INTENT of the mind and heart that makes all the difference and in fact, the more that you strengthen the mind, the stronger is your own will, discernment and ability to know what is of Satan or not. Satan would not want people to learn these techniques because the stronger the mind and will, the greater is your resistance to his dark energies and the greater control over your emotions, mind and thoughts, something that the dark forces absolutely do NOT want you to have.

No matter what name you give it, the energy in the human body which is ones true life energy or battery supply comes from the God, not Satan who thinks he's god and tries to get people to think that as well. Just as there are those who claim that the bible is a masonic book written to deceive the masses doesn't make it true, those who claim that the energy of the body is Satan's because the Indian name for it "serpent power" spread to China and they use that name doesn't make it so either. God is the one that created this "Spirit in man" as it even says in the bible and these techniques are extremely safe to do. Here is the true difference.. if someone tries to teach you a technique where you LOSE CONTROL of your body, then don't do it for that is very easily sorcery or witchcraft and such movements will be caused by demons. True chi-gung/qigong increases your OWN CONTROL of your body, we do not let go of our minds and will with any intent to become controlled by something else, that is when you're treading on dangerous ground. (Note: When I use the term witchcraft, I'm not implying that all who call themselves witches or practice Wicca as a relgion are involved in any occult, demonic or evil practices. There are those who call themselves witches and have nothing to do with any devient practices at all. I use the term as it's popularly, though perhaps ignorantly, used in the west merel as a matter of convenience and because of it's common usage for centuries.)

I have spoken with a couple of people who said they have practiced such techniques and meditations and taught them for years, but who claimed that their health only got worse. That's because they did NOT practice true chi-gung as it has been practiced for millennia by real practitioners of the arts as taught in this video, but a corrupted version that is spreading far and wide today, especially in the orient. Such exercises are nothing but sorcery or witchcraft calling itself "chi-gong" and it most assuredly not the real thing at all! Just as real Gung-fu is nearly extinct, so too is true chi-gung. That is one of the major reasons that I created this video and why masters such as Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and Daniel Reid have written many books detailing the clear differences, backed up by modern medicine and scientific research showing that chi-gung/qigong is a very valid science, though we hear little to nothing about it in the west.

Just as witches often use herbs in the practice of their religion, and some of those who practice witchcraft use dark side teachings, does not that ALL herbs and potions are wrong..not by a long shot. Some people use them for different reasons and with a different "intent" and some for light or healing purposes. They know that those herbs have naturally strong energies that the coupled with their own energy and possibly those of dark spirits and entities increase their own power and influence, even if the person themselves does not realize what they're really doing. A Chinese doctor would take those same herbs and use them to heal, which is sometimes even done in these occult arts too. But these herbs are all from the creator and can be used for either good or evil.

The same holds true for the energies that one builds up through proper chi-gung/qigong and martial arts practice. This greater energy, focus and health can be used to serve either God or Satan, light or dark or however else you wish to term it. Such practices as taught here or anywhere else do not invoke or invite any negative forces or entities into your life and body. Those who practice the techniques taught in this video only noticed greatly improved health, fitness, strength, energy, healing, focus, concentration and more. As with any skill or anything you possess, even if it's a gun, knife or sword, you have the option to use it for good or evil.. it all depends on your nature and choice.

I have conversed with many of today's professing Christians about this and am aware of all the arguments about it. Many even think that just the simplest of visualizations is "occult" in's not. Even professional athletes have to get into what they call "the zone" in order to truly excel. They also use visualization to help strengthen their bodies as well. I used to have this concern decades ago because of hearing what others have mistakenly said. But after years of careful studying and nearly thirty years of practice I know unequivocally that there is nothing dark or evil about true qigong and martial arts meditation. It's simply using man's own spirit that the creator has put within him. Just because certain people or groups have used the same techniques for evil does not make the method evil at all. A car can be used to transport a sick person or to commit a crime. The bible did not teach man how to make a car either but that doesn't make cars themselves evil.

Though there were those who did try to merge the true arts with various sorceries and other dark side arts, that is not what I ever learned and surely NOT what I am ever teaching here. Such things have never been part of true qigong or martial arts training. I wanted to address this since I know many think of these things when they hear meditation. But by being misinformed on the true and very safe practice of meditation many millions are missing out on a powerful and vital tool to mental and spiritual growth, not to mention increased health, immunity, healing and longevity too. Such things are not in conflict with the bible, Jesus or any other religions and they're never meant to replace such things in ones life.

The meditation is about 30 minutes long and will include a couple of simple breathing methods to calm the mind down first. This can be thought of as warm up for the mind. One of the main things that people tell me they have problems with is calming down the mind. That is the whole purpose of meditation, to learn the calm the mind, so it's really a catch 22. Through the use of breathing, acupressure and many other techniques, you can learn to start to calm the mind down, thereby allowing your meditation session to be that much more effective. Like the Eight Pieces of Brocade, the more you practice meditation, the greater the effects and the easier it becomes. Your mind will slowly be retrained to stay in a more calm and neutral state. This can greatly reduce stress, disease, unhappiness and much more. That is because up to eighty percent of disease that we see today is stress related. Often times the modern diet makes this problem MUCH worse by adding too much fire and impure energy to the human energy system. This has the effect of exciting the mind, which leads to outburst of anger, rage, saying or doing the wrong things, holding onto resentment, and more. I'll be talking much more about diet and it's tremendously destructive effects on the video.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship...To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic..., and have no place in a republic...The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." -Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of Declaration of Independence; member, Continental Congress; B.S. Princeton U.





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The third section of the video will be great workout based on Chinese martial arts and other classic strengthening techniques. What's great about this workout is that it doesn't require weights, a gym membership or any machines at all. Though I do show a number of light weight exercises in the video, you can do them without the weights by doing the same exercises and simply increasing the number of reps. Just using your own body weight with simple exercises can significantly increase strength, flexibility, and help you lose weight. In the pic to the right I'm showing a variation of the no weight exercise just using a light 18lb barbell. Light weights keep the same principle of building up chi along with true muscle strength and endurance without draining the body of energy and without building up too much fire energy and adding oxidant stress to the system. This is often what happens when working out with heavy weights as the lactic acid that is generated forces the kidneys and liver to work harder to cleanse the blood which is using up a lot of the energy that the workout itself just generated. With this workout all you have to do to turn it into an advanced workout is just increase the number of reps. So YOU control the intensity of the workout based on your own goals and current fitness level. For example, you can do just three exercises from this section and work out all the major muscles of your upper middle and lower body. An exercise that uses the entire arms, shoulder, chest and back will work to strengthen and stretch the whole upper body in ONE exercise is shown in the beginning of the workout. Simple crunches to work the middle abdominals while a simple low stance position will further work the legs, hips, buttocks and even the waist and mid section simultaneously. This simplified workout can be done in under 5 minutes if you're pressed for time and it will leave you feel energized, strong and energized throughout the day.

No weight workouts are becoming more and more popular as people are tired of being taken in by ads claiming this new machine or another gym membership is what you need to lose weight. Using your body weight with various exercises is truly all you need to get stronger than you would think with much less sweat and strain than you might think.

I've found that light to no weight workouts really build up more strength, shape and accelerates weight loss than using heavy weights. Even working out for just a few minutes like this can help to build more external muscle and tendon strength which is superior to muscle strength. This workout will not overstrain the body or cause energy drainage as heavy physical training can often do. This workout is different because I don't teach that you have to workout to failure. That's only necessary if you're looking to get to the pinnacle of a sport, gain serious muscle or partake in serious competition. But even then, there are many who practice these no weight/body weight workouts and are much stronger than those who do train seriously with heavy weights. This workout is truly designed for the average person or for the serious athlete.

Remember that this training is part of true martial arts training so it's designed for strength, power and endurance. In my training with body builders, college wrestlers, serious boxers and other athletes they were always very surprised that I was much stronger than they were, sometimes by a considerable margin. Although some could bench press more weight or lift more in THAT way than I could, when it came to wrestling, grappling, endurance and other true measures of strength they could not overpower the strength I had gained from these type of exercises.

My oldest brother was a serious natural body builder who was pretty strong. On day during a Gung-fu class we were sparring and I grappled with him. He got annoyed and instead of using the techniques I taught him to escape without the use of strength, he decided to just use brute force to power his way out. After using a lot of strength and getting no where, he decided to get mad and put everything he had into it. While I was still relaxed with a calm expression and not even really trying, his face turned red from the struggle, pulling and fighting to get free. After 15 seconds he finally gave up and asked "How the h#&$ are you so strong??" At the time I quipped "Ancient Chinese secret". Even though he knew these exercises he chose to still rely on his weight traiing while I continued to practice the natural weight, and other chi-gung exercises, which is the source of real, true, universal strength as well as a major factor in chi generation and health.

I've also seen my teacher have a competition with big college football players years ago who were staying at his house since he lived near their college. They were laughing thinking how could he could possibly defeat them in a fight. He was only 5'7" and about 160 where as these guys were from 5'11" to 6'4" and from 210 to 260lbs. They all went out into his garage and I watched as they challenged him to a contest of strength and endurance. My teacher bet them each $20 that they could not complete one of his workouts that would utilize no weights at all. He said if I lose, I have to pay each of you $20, but if I win you each pay me $20. They took him up on the challenge.

Vitamin World

We went into his garage and they began with me holding the money and my teacher doing the same reps along with each. There were a few other exercises and when they got to some of the exercises I show on the video, each one failed doing this basic martial art workout. The best of them who was the shorter and very well built made it halfway before collapsing with exhaustion and sweat while my friend and teacher was still going strong on his arm swinging barely sweating and showing no signs of slowing down. He won the $60 that day back in 1986 in a workout which he cut in HALF to make it even easier, but they still could not keep up with him. He did about 200 reps for the no weight exercises, only 20 push ups of each of the three kinds I show in the video, 75 leg raises I believe it was and so forth. The others were dead tired by one-third of the way through the workout. Unfortunately after this they realized that this kind of training could benefit them in their football training so when they left his house the following semester for other living accommodations they stole his briefcase with all his workout and Kung-fu training notes in it.

So hopefully this very true story gives you some idea of how different and superior these kinds of exercises are over simple weight training, running and other typical western exercises. Heavy weight training only makes you strong in that ONE direction, not from all angles and situations. While someone who lifts weights is going to be stronger than someone who does no workout at all. By only lifting weights and never considering the chi, those who train that way are killing themselves while overtaxing the muscles and body and really getting only minimal results for all their hard work.

With the kinds of workout exercises taught in the Chinese Health And Fitness video you're getting the proper balance of hard and soft, internal and external, light and heavy in a simple format with many exercises to choose from so you can either do them all or just a few and you'll still get a great workout. Even if you just do the arm swinging exercise along and do from 100-200 reps a few times a week you'll notice a solid and sometimes significant improvement in overall upper body strength, tone and you can even build some good muscle from this exercise. You can also do these exercises anywhere. They're great to do upon rising in the morning along with a trunk twisting exercise I show on the video to get blood flowing, stretching out the upper body and really helping you to wake up. Try them and you'll be quite amazed, especially if you're only accustomed to doing an external weight bearing or resistance workouts. I have seen many people who were body builders and workout fanatics switch over to these types of exercises after seeing how effective and easy they can really be to do.

These exercises help to balance the yang (fire) energy with the the yin (water) energy of breathing and meditation. Keeping in shape, losing fat and getting the body moving with and without resistance is a very important factor in health, energy and longevity. The Chinese have a saying "The body is like a hinge, if it doesn't move, it will rust".

Losing fat is important for numerous reasons. One of those reasons that is not well known is that fat is an electrically non conductive substance. This means that in inhibits and slows down chi flow. This is why when many people do start to lose fat and get trimmer, they have more energy and feel like their bodies are tingling state most of the time. That's because the muscles are now filled with chi and energy which is flowing more powerfully and easily through the meridians and vessels. This is what generates that tingling and making you feel so good.

Some other body weight exercises in this section include push-ups, finger and forearm strengthening exercises, shoulder exercises crunches, leg stances and other leg strengthening exercises, special abdominal exercises that are done in martial arts for strength and are very effective and trimming the midsection, and several other amazingly simply but surprisingly effective exercises that strengthen and stretch at the same time which also build up energy and aid longevity.

What most people don't know is that by training too hard you're also generating huge amounts of oxidants and lactic acid which strains the kidneys and the elimination system. Professional athletes go to great lengths to counter this in their training but the average person has little to no knowledge of how to do this. That is why over training can often be just as bad as little or no training at all.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "All the blood of the body is under the control of the heart and flows in a continuous circle and never stops." - Chinese writing, 2697 BC.






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The fourth section is really one of the most important after the 8 Silk Breathing because nutrition is a branch of health information that is so lacking in the western world today. It will be a comprehensive look at the modern diet, what NOT to eat and WHY, what TO eat and WHY, a true look at vitamins, minerals, enzymes and much more that we all need to take on a daily basis. I'll also be talking about juicing and fasting as well, which are essential to health and longevity.

With all of the chemical and destructive additives in the modern diet, wrong food combinations, GMO foods and worse, we greatly need to learn how to properly use supplements to augment the nutrients that our bodies are no longer getting from our diets. Because of the mineral, nutrient and electron depletion of the soil, we have to take extra measures to make up for this lack of nutrients. Foods fortified with 'vitamins' are not the same at all as those from natural sources because almost all of them are synthetic additives which are essentially useless. Many of these "vitamins" are actually made from OIL, that's right, the same oil that goes in your engine and is refined into gasoline. They're simply inferior imitations of the real thing and do nothing to truly keep you healthy at all. The body recognizes these 'vitamins' as toxic foreign agents and seeks to isolate them from getting into your system.

There is a joke in the Porta-Potty industry regarding Centrum vitamins. They're known to be utterly useless because when they drain out the chemicals from the porta-potties, there are usually dozens to hundreds of Centrum vitamins at the bottom of the tank. This means that they're passing straight through the entire body and not even being broken down or absorbed because the body KNOWS that they contain NOTHING that it can use, thus it doesn't even TOUCH the vitamin at all.

Click on the Whole Food Energizer link below to purchase from

Man made chemicals that are put into so called foods today are essentially nothing but stomach filler to make you feel full. After about 30-60 min, you're hungry all over again, why?. That's because these types of "foods" provide little to NO nutrition at all while at the same time actually draining your own stores of nutrients from the liver and tissues of the body.

They are created for one reason, to make money for the manufacturer. They are designed only to appeal to the taste of the person eating it. Most foods that are packaged and processed fall into this category. Nearly ALL of them have some form of hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oils in them, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and hundreds or thousands of other chemical, most of which are not even listed on the labels. Hydrogenated oil for example is one of the most destructive things that have ever been put into "food". It's essentially a near plastic like filler that's used to bind food and act as a preservative. Because plastic takes thousands of years to break down naturally, foods that contain hydrogenated oil will also last that long. This increases its shelf life of the food significantly, making more money for the manufacturers, while decreasing your energy and life at the same time.

If you've ever eaten an organic cookie for example, or one without hydrogenated oil (if you can find one), you'll notice that it will either break up in the box, in your hand as you bite it. If you dip it in milk for example, it will break up much more easily than a regular cookie made with hydrogenated oil. That's because without the hydrogenated oil to hold it together it simply breaks apart as its supposed to. Now if a cookie or other item can last so long on the shelf and doesn't easily come apart in liquid, how can your body be expected to digest such matter? Well, the truth is that it does not. It tries very hard, but hydrogenated oil is only one molecule away from being plastic. Plastic doesn't burn, but it does release toxic fumes when heated. When your stomach tries to digest this substance, it can't, but during the attempt as the stomach heats up a similar type of fumes can get into your bloodstream via the digestion process and thereby into your cells. You body uses huge amounts of enzymes from the pancreas to TRY to fully consume this matter, but it can't. The pancreas enlarges and it eventually fails because it simply can't handle the strain of trying to digest something that is essentially indigestible. This is the main cause of type II adult diabetes.

Vitamin World

Because of the great depletion of many critical nutrients from the soil, especially selenium, along with all of the packaged and processed junk foods that have almost NO nutritional value whatsoever, taking a variety of supplements and the proper amounts of each is critical to truly maintaining health and healing in this modern age.

While it's true that getting all of your nutrients, vitamins and minerals from foods IS the best way to get your nutrients, because of the depletion of soil minerals, lower levels of sunlight hitting the earth, the earths weaker magnetic field, GMO foods infiltration the food supply and such, it is truly necessary to take supplements to stay health and thrive. It's been known as a fact for over 100 years that nearly all non-communicable diseases are caused by lack of nutrition in the body. But because even organic foods have only 1/5th to 1/10th the nutrition of their counterparts of 100 years ago, even if we're eating a totally raw organic diet we are still not getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as the phyto-nutrients and electron energy in our foods that we need.

This is especially true in our polluted environment today with all the dirty water and air, toxic gases and fumes in the home from synthetic chemicals, outgassing of glues, dyes and paints and more. For these reasons, as well as lack of exercise, stress, worries, fears and other "emotional toxins" that pollute our minds and spirits, we need to be even more vigilant to take supplements than ever before.

To see a list of what basic supplements everyone should be taking, please read my published article "Six Important Supplements Everyone Should Take" in the ARTICLES link at the top and bottom of the website.

The same goes for overeating, since once again, your body must use great amounts of its limited enzyme stores to digest this matter. That is why enzyme supplements are so critical to keep with you everywhere and to use them with every meal and even in between meals. The more enzymes you have and save in your body, the healthier and stronger will be your immune system, and the longer you'll live. That is why natural REAL foods such as fruits, vegetables, organic meats, certain soy products, natural sugar, salt, and much more are so critical. These foods eaten in their NATURAL state increase your energy instead of draining it. Since the body can digest them far easier, it expends very little effort in this process. I'll be going into much more detail on all of these topics in the FOOD section of the video.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "Six of the ten leading causes of death in the US have been linked to poor nutrition. ..Various nonfatal conditions have also...(e.g. dental decay)."

"(A) review (of) the 1978 National Board Exam for..nutrition questions (shows) 3 to 4 percent of the questions were on clinical nutrition..."






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This last section will be a bonus section that will include my personal acupressure regimen that I do on a daily basis to increase energy, calm you down, pick you up, make you feel great, and even increase strength, overall health, energy and longevity. Don't underestimate this section as many people that I have taught these things to were amazed at how well it works and how effective it really is. I will be showing you 12 of the most common points that will alleviate everything from headaches (even migraines), sleeplessness, colds, pain, stomach issues, lower back issues more. Students and friends are always shocked when they try it for themselves. Once you're armed with the truth about how the human body truly works, something that is sadly lacking in the US and the rest of the world, you'll be amazed and just what you can accomplish when armed with the right knowledge.

That's what this video is all about, sharing the right knowledge, explained in a comprehensive easy to understand way, to educate you as never before on what were all unknowingly doing to ourselves by putting all these so called "foods" into our bodies and what you can do when armed with a right understanding of how the body works.

Acupressure is a great aid to help get stagnant energy flowing more easily and readily and can be used by the beginner and expert alike to give you that extra boost throughout the day or whenever needed. Once you start to use it and see it's benefits it's something that everyone so far has always looked into further to learn more points that they can use for specific issues and ailments whenever they need a little extra help throughout the day.


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Patrick hosts a daily online radio show with a new guest each day. Check out his website for times and guests.


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site has tons of great information on Chemicals that we are all exposed to in our food, personal care products, womens makeup, soap, shampoos, the environment, information on vitamins and minerals and much, much more. A MUST read to begin to learn about the more than 6000 dangerous chemicals in processed foods and consumer products that are dangerous, unhealthy and even deadly!

Vitamin World

has amazing information on how the FDA and other government agencies, food manufacturers and the like have all conspired to keep us sick and dependent on drugs for profit and gain and the expense of everyones health.

is a great website dedicated to information about Vitamin C. Without a doubt, adding megadoses of vitamin C is one of the single best things you can do for your health, after breathing exercises that is. Check it out.

link has some very good overall information on foods to eat, not to eat, and other general information on what foods you should avoid, such as Pork for one.

In the link, you'll read some good specific information about one of the leading, but least talked about causes of cancer, tumors, weakened immune response and much more.

is another great article that really details why you don't want to consume pork at all. If you're serious about getting healthy and staying that way, don't believe the "It's the other white meat" lies of the pork industry. Read this article on swine instead.


Take a look at this excellent video called THE MEDICAL CONSPIRACY - History, Nutrition, Herbs, Cures- Excellent Info!!


Chi or Qi (pronounced like 'Key') is ones vital life energy. Although disputed by most of the western medical community and some lay people alike, it has been more than proven to exist and exert a powerful influence upon our minds, health, body and longevity. Western science and medicine is loathe to treat anything as real other then what they can physically touch, measure, quantify and examine under a microscope. But after thousands and years of Chinese medicine and martial arts the existence of Chi is absolute and true. As you begin to meditate and practice breathing techniques like the Eight Pieces of Brocade you will begin to feel your own life force and know that it IS in fact very real. If you continue to practice and study and get to a higher and higher level, you will begin to use this energy to heal yourself and even others as well, sense things around you and much more. I will be making other videos expanding each of the major sections in this video in time.

Chi is an energy that permeates the universe and all matter. More importantly for us, it governs human health in particular. Were all familiar with the circulatory system in which blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Most are not familiar with the energy system in which the same thing is true. Without ones Chi flowing, we'd all be dead. When your chi're dead, no different than when your heart stops. Though the beating of ones heart is totally dependent on your chi. Western science knows that the heart beats, muscles move and all other processes occur because of electrical activity within the body, but still deny and ridicule the idea of Chi.

Just as anyone familiar with electronics and computers knows that electricity that is not pure, at the wrong voltage, wrong amperage or is not balanced can eventually damage and destroy the sensitive electronic parts in any device, the same holds true for the human body. Since all of our organs require the proper levels, balance, strength and purity of our Chi which is similar to having that clean electricity and proper voltage that a computer needs, this is how and why all the things that are taught on this video will help to purify, strengthen, increase the amount of chi and the flow of chi within your body. The main way today that people pollute and destroy their Chi is through the horrendous diets of this modern age and stress. Most people have NO CLUE how destructive and deadly most of the ingredients are to the energy of the body. The weaker and less your energy flows, the faster your organs deteriorate and the weaker you'll be and the faster you'll die. It's really that simple, but most have never heard these things before. The goal of this and all other video's is to increase the amount, strength and purity ones chi and increase it's flow. When this begins to occur, the health and strength of the body, mind and spirit will grow stronger and stronger over time. Since Spiritual and Chi growth know no limits, there is also no limit to what you will eventually be able to accomplish. Though to get to that level surely takes great effort and time or "Gung-fu" which means literally (Energy/Time).

Purification and balancing of ones Chi should be the goal of anyone interested in truly getting healthy, staying that way and attaining a clear mind, strong body and longevity. Always keep these ideas in mind when practicing what you'll learn in the Chinese Health and Fitness video. I encourage you also to read more about this as it's a vast subject that I will be covering more about here and in subsequent video's.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "If the FDA would spend a little less time and effort on small manufacturers of vitamins...and a little more on the large manufacturers of...dangerous drugs..., the public would be better served."- Senator Long from various Senate hearings.


Another aspect of health almost no one knows about is Enzymes. What are enzymes and why are they so important? Enzymes are the spark of life without which none of us could live. Enzymes are more vital than any vitamin or mineral. Nothing else can do the job that they do and they are the single most important thing that you could take on a daily basis to increase your health, immunity and overall energy levels.

When combined with raw organic foods, proper supplementation and more, they will become even more effective. Raw fruits and vegetables have large amounts of raw enzymes and raw foods mostly digest themselves which greatly saves your own stores of enzymes. Since the pancreas creates most of your enzymes this takes a huge load off this already overworked organ.

There are thousands of enzymes within the body and we only have a limited supply of them. All processes that occur, especially digestion, require sufficient amount of enzymes to take place. Without them, food only partially digests, you won't have as much energy for thinking, moving, healings or anything else that we need or want to do. Taking vegetable based FOOD enzyme supplements with each meal is vital to proper digestion, absorption and elimination. Digestion is one of the main functions of the body that most drains our enzymes stores. Taking enzymes between meals has a different effect then with meals, so it's also a good idea to add that to your daily habits as well.

I personally use the enzymes below, click on the image if interested.

Super strength Regular Strength

Along with Probiotics such as Acidophilus to build up intestinal flora and fauna, and maintaining the proper ratio of good to bad bacteria further enhance nutrient absorption and eases elimination. Many have noticed increased endurance, healing, energy, sleeping patterns, strength and less chronic pain when taking food enzymes with every meal. I'll be talking much more about enzymes on the Chinese Health and Fitness Video. That is why I saved Enzymes for last in this section because they are the most important thing you can do for yourself. It's something your doctor will not tell you about unless he must. Even then he'll prescribe some for you, without telling you that you can go into any health food store and get a complete enzyme anytime you want. I take them every day with my meals and between meals as well. Suffice it to say that the more enzymes you have in your body, the stronger your immune system will be because it's your enzymes that travel around the body and cleanup and attack the bodies invaders when they're not on digestion duty. It's said that 70% of your immune system is in your abdomen, so the more enzymes and probiotics you have stronger your immune system and digestion will be.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths (orthodoxy) to destroy it." -Mark Twain (1835-1910).


After reading countless books, articles, and websites on everything from ancient healing techniques like Chinese pulse diagnosis, the yellow emperors classic on internal medicine, the Nei Ching to modern books on nutrition and fitness, qigong, enzymes, raw foods and more, it's become completely clear to me and my students that the true guiding principles of health, healing and longevity lie in the electromagnetic fields in the body. I have solidly come to the conclusion that the true aspects of health, longevity, immunity, healing and even strength do indeed lie in one single and simple factor... your chi or life force.

Through the practice of internal and external martial arts and chi-gong for over two decades now, seeing and feeling the amazing increases in strength, health, endurance, striking power, resistance to pain, illness, taking of blows and more I can fully say that those ancient manuals were so correct. After teaching some of these techniques to others and seeing their own results which include a great reduction or total reversal of their own illnesses, pains and more I can say that my experience was not unique at all. But simply the normal results when you take the right measures and have the true and really simply understanding of what governs health and healing.

From hearing stories of martial artists in history doing amazing things to what I have seen and felt from my own instructors only proves all the more that breathing, energy, chi training and other proper physical training are the way to build up this life force and that it is truly what holds the entire body together. It makes it stronger, more powerful and makes you feel great to levels most can only dream of. Of course to get that such a high level requires time and energy which is what the term (Gung-fu/Kung-fu) means.

Fortunately you don't have to train in Gung-fu or martial arts to get the results that you're looking for. That is precisely why I put the Chinese Health And Fitness video together over the last several years. Because I know that while raw foods, herbs, supplements, diet and exercise are all part of the equation and certainly important as I teach in the video, the ultimate regulator of ALL of those facets and the reason that those other facets work as well as they do is because they're all working with and manipulating the chi either directly or indirectly to a greater or lesser degree.

When you learn to focus on the chi or life force directly through breathing and meditation in particular, you are greatly speeding up that process and building up your own stores of chi throughout the body as well as calming down the mind itself which further facilitates increased energy flow. When energy is in balance, abundant, flowing smoothly and strong, your health will be maintained, you will be strong, resistant or immune to disease, be mentally calm and at peace, have greater faith and confidence, have plenty of energy for whatever you want to do and so much more.

Vitamin World

Because of the great importance of breathing and chi to our health, the first thing that I teach in the video is the breathing set "The 8 Pieces of Brocade". While some in the west scoff at the idea of chi or bio-energy, those such as myself who have been practicing these techniques for nearly a quarter century and seen the results over and over again, laugh at those who have no experience and try to tell me that chi does not exist. The only way to truly know for sure it to DO it as so many of my friends, family and students have done and seen the great results in the short and long term.

There is also more and more evidence from scientists, researchers, physicists such as Popp, Bruce Lipton and so many more are all coming to the same conclusions as what the Chinese have been saying for millenia now. That being that it's the mind and energy which truly governs out health and our life, NOT our genes, DNA or anything else.

When Chi is abundant in the body which will begin to happen with "The 8 Pieces OF Brocade" some notice sensations of tingling in some areas, especially if they have an area with an injury or an organ that they're trying to heal. For example if you have stomach issues you will feel the chi actually going to that area. Why - because that's the energy that you're taking in from the breathing itself going to work and actually beginning to heal that area, re- balance the organ chi and restore the health. 8 silk weaving (AKA 8 Pieces of Brocade) is a powerful breathing set. This especially the particular version that I know and teach in this video. While nothing is an instant cure or cure all, if anything were to be considered as such, then breathing and meditation would be the closest things to it.

I've seen it time and time again that when people practice this breathing set along with dietary changes, meditation and physical exercise, their chronic issues are either greatly reduced in severity or eliminated altogether. When you add other factors to the diet such as raw organic foods (raw fruits, veggies, superfoods, etc), herbs, juicing and supplementation for example, the effects can become even more profounds. That's because the more we give the body the nutrients that it needs to rebuild the physical body and the more chi we have, the greater the cell regeneration will be and this is what is going to heal the body and restore it's balance as it should be.

While many may know a bit or a lot about that latter part of this equation that being the raw foods link, almost no one knows or talks about the first and most important part, the breathing, meditation, mind and Chi aspects of this. That is why this video start off with the breathing and meditation and also goes into detail about nutrition, chemicals and foods to avoid and more. We must approach restoring and maintaining health on a multi level basis if were going to heal and maintain true health in this ever more polluted world. To maintain health and recover health the same things must be done even after you're back to being healthy and feeling great, only for maintenance the degree can be lessened since it's much easier to maintain your health than it is to recover it once it's been lost. This is what you will learn when practicing the techniques taught in the Chinese Health And Fitness video.


In the Standard American Diet (SAD), there are over six thousand chemicals that are sanctioned for use in the modern diet, many of which are carcinogens and some of which are known to cause cancer, and many others are suspected as such. Whether it's in the food, the air, fluoride and chemicals in the water, formaldehyde and worse chemicals that we breathe in every day in our homes, at work and just about everywhere, we are all being poisoned every day and we don't even know it. But most of the companies that make these products and chemicals do in fact know it. They are simply making far too much money to care to do anything about it.

I personally believe that the food, chemical and medical industries are all in it together and there is ample evidence to support this claim. Since it's a little too coincidental for me that they all have things in common. It's the oldest medical scam in history. You make the patient sick by slowly poisoning them, then you come along and give them the "cure" which solves one problem, but slowly creates several more problems so that the patient doesn't even KNOW that they are being poisoned. They think that it's because the original illness is causing the new illnesses when it's really the "doctor" himself. Then the "doctor" comes along and finally gives them the "cure" for their illness after months or years of suffering, just so that they can get as much money from the patient as possible. Sound familiar??? This happened in China centuries ago and that's one of the main reasons that in China doctors do not get paid each time you call them. They were paid a retainer fee AS LONG AS everyone stayed healthy. The doctor STOPPED getting paid as soon as someone fell ill. This way malpractice suits were avoided, unqualified doctors were quickly rooted out, since anyone that didn't know what they were doing and was not able to keep you and your family from getting sick, would not be in business very long.

Contrast that with today's disastrous medical system where doctors get paid NO MATTER WHAT and patients are turned into little more then guinea pigs while they try out drug after drug on you to see which one "works", but they always get their fee no matter what. A system where malpractice insurance costs are out of control and have put many doctors out of business, awards from lawsuits are crazy and the American population continues to get sicker and sicker.

From the chemical companies that produce chemicals that are used in plastics and so many products we use every day. To the chemicals that are sold to the food industry that is are used to process all the so-called "foods" we all are almost forced to eat, to the drug companies that use chemicals and synthetic compounds to make drugs to supposedly "cure" all the ills that other chemicals are causing in the first place, were all being genetically, chemically and physically damaged every day in the name of nothing more than profit and money. Then more toxic, caustic and damaging drugs are pumped into the system to supposedly cure us all of these very problems cause by other chemicals and drugs. Yet something that almost none seem to see is the fact that not ONE drug had EVER cured anyone of anything. Whereas ancient techniques of breathing, meditation, Qigong, herbs, acupuncture and acupressure have, can and do continue to remove illnesses every day.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "He's the best physician that knows the worthlessness of most medicines." "God heals and the Doctor takes the fee." - Benjamin Franklin, (1706-1790)


Many people take vitamins on a daily basis, but most are not taking the proper ones nor the proper amounts to really do them much good. The one a day vitamins that most take do essentially little to nothing to really prevent illness or make a difference in your overall energy levels. In this polluted world we need to take much more vitamins then most would ever think especially the Antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E. Also because of the S.A.D (Standard American Diet) being so devoid of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, we need to make up these vital elements in our diet through the use of Organic foods and proper levels of supplementation. Unfortunately, even if ones does eat only organic foods and eats the proper amount, due to all the pollutions, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, soil being stripped of virtually all nutrients and other influences that effect the human energy system, our cells, DNA and more, we must make sure that we are taking higher amounts of these elements than our ancestors had to take. Organic food is an extremely important part of that job as well as taking the right whole food vitamin and mineral supplements. I take and highly recommend the Alive-Whole Food Energizer shown below. Click on the image to view or purchase from

Some of the vitamins that are covered in the video include vitamins A, C and E, with a special focus and discussion on vitamin C. The minerals zinc and selenium, as well as vitamin D, fish oils, enzymes and more. These are all vital to give the body the building blocks that it needs to maintain and repair itself on a daily basis. Through the extra energy that we get from working out, breathing techniques and meditation the body will begin to utilize these building blocks far more efficiently then ever before. Some people do take the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, but without sufficient stores of Chi, oxygen and enzymes to activate the regeneration processes within the body, those vitamins are not doing the job that they should be doing. That is because it's Chi that fuels all the processes in the body. Without Chi flowing, we'd be dead. The more Chi we have, the stronger it is, the more pure it is, then the healthier and stronger we will be. We'll live longer and better and we'll add life to our years, not just years to our life. When done the Chinese Health and Fitness way, you'll be stronger, healthier and live a better life than just following any one of these disciplines could achieve alone. That's because each one works synergistically to enhance the benefits of the other.

Doctor's Trust 234x60


There are many reasons that so many people, especially in the U.S. and other western nations, be even the world over are overweight today.

A main culprit has to do with the so called "foods" today which are NOT real food but man made manufactured enzyme, nutrient and energy dead stomach filler, and nothing more. Those calories might make you feel good for the moment, but just like with any drug, you feel worse later on either in the form of a stomach ache, indigestion or the excess pounds that come along with those so called foods and calories.

Eating REAL foods which are classified as that which nature provides either in the form of organic natural meats that are freshly killed and prepared or freshly harvested fruits, vegetables and grains, are the key to not only getting healthy, but maintaining and losing weight.

Just replacing one meal per day with a meal of vegetables or fruits can go a LONG way to knocking off the pounds and improving your health, digestion, elimination and how you feel. Those fruits and veggies not only have all the phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals the body needs, but they also absorb environmental energies from the earth, sun, start and moon for those foods which grow above ground to some degree. In fact it is for this reason that the Chinese never liked to eat any foods that grow entirely underground feeling that they are out of balance in their energy matrix. If they're only getting Earth energy from the ground, then they're not getting what called "heaven energy" from the sun, moon and stars and hence their chi and electron content will not be as strong as it should be. There is very real science behind the idea of the electron content of the soil. The fact that todays soil is SO depleted of minerals like Selenium, which along with Zinc and Magnesium are very important for electrical conductivity, is also a major reason for the decreasing health of the world population (along with all the drugs, pollution poison in the water, lack of exercise, etc).

For my own weight loss and control, I have found that even just adding an apple to my daily diet goes a long way toward curbing the appetite all day and night and helps to prevent snacking and binging. Even though I'm in my early 40's, I'm still able to lose and maintain my weight following this protocols. The fibrous bulk of apples is also very good for helping elimination problems. Those along with carrots and other fibrous fruits and veggies help to sweep the alimentary canals clean which allows us to absorb an even greater amounts of nutrients. You don't need some fancy special calorie counting diet or system. The tried and true methods of diet, which doesn't mean restricting calories but more changing WHERE and WHAT you get your calories from and what else comes with those calories (such as the aforementioned enzymes, nutrients, phytonutrients [plant nutrients], electron and chi content, etc). It's all of the co-factors working together, along with the bulk fibers to help you feel fuller longer and which also has a light to moderate appetite suppressing ability that helps you to cut down on those fat, sugar and wrong carb filled treats that are making everyone so fat, unhealthy and sick today.

This, along with the exercises that I show in the workout section of my video alone have allowed me to both lose and maintain my own weight for a long time now. The balance of hard and softer exercises, along with the addition of live enzymes from fruits and vegetables, including drinking a lot of fresh juices that I make at home make a big difference in not only your appearance, but in your health, energy, immunity, de-aging, mental clarity and longevity.

Another factor to getting your weight down and keeping it off has to do with sugar. Sugar is a highly addictive substance; in fact it can be as addictive as cocaine. What worked for me and many others was to SLOWLY cut out the sugars, cakes and cookies that got me heavy in the first place, while slowly integrating fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads in moderation, juicing, and other proper eating changes into my diet. This gives my body enough time to slowly get used to the new good food that it needed, without the cravings that lead to backlash, cheating and overeating of all the bad foods that makes us unhealthy and fat in the first place.

Visualization and the mind are also key factors in this which I'll be talking about on a later video focusing on working out and weight loss.

Vitamin World

So I recommend that if you're trying to lose weight, whatever it is that's causing you to stay heavy, keep eating it, but you MUST slowly cut down the portion sizes, AND replace your snacks and meals little by little with fruits, vegetables, lean meats (organic whenever possible) like chicken, turkey and fish, cutting out refined sugars from the diet in all their sneaky and hidden forms, while still having in ever decreasing amounts, those foods that made you fat in the first place. You want to do this over a long period of time, over a period of months or possibly a year or more. Then keep eating those foods OCCASIONALLY, about once or twice a week to satisfy the mental and emotional cravings. Otherwise you'll start to desire them more and more and you'll eventually either get bitter about the fact that you can't have them when you might see other people eating them, or your body will crave them until you fail and you'll binge on them much more than you should.

I eat cheat foods, whether it's a few cookies, pound cake or brownies about once or twice a week. This along with eating till satisfied but not over doing it, keeps the body from triggering any starvation response from the lower calorie diet. If it does, it will lower your metabolism because it thinks that there is no food around (starvation response) and subsequently your body will convert more available calories into fat. Because I fast from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset, I can enjoy having these foods under strict portion control here and there, unless your looking to get down to 5% body fat to really have your muscles show that is.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "There are three things which build and maintain civilization throughout time: pure air, pure water, and pure food. And as an eternal truth I say unto you, that there are three things which bring the end of civilization, even the mightiest that have ever been and shall ever be, from the beginningless beginning to the endless end of all time: impure air, impure water, and impure food." - Zenda Avesta, c. 3000 BC.


Of course we all know that water is essential for life. Regardless of what some of the lunatic studies that the mainstream media has been trying to say lately such as drinking soda is the same as drinking water, nothing could be further from the truth. That study that came out by the way was published by a group of Kidney doctors. Why...because they know that water keeps kidneys healthy, so they wanted to get the media to push their agenda of getting more people to drink soda since they know that drinking soda causes kidney stones which means more profits via surgery for them... unbelievable what people will do for money, including some so called doctors.

Water is of course essential to every cell in the body and is needed for everything from helping keep the body cool, thinning the blood to allow for easier flow and transporting of nutrients, elimination of waste, to helping cleanse the blood and making it easier for the kidneys and liver to do their jobs. Water also keeps the brain functioning correctly and the lack of water has been implicated in nearly every disease out there, even things like cancer, asthma, and many others. Whole books have been written on water because there is soo much to it and so much evidence that many of the illnesses and ailments for which people are taking drugs and suffering for, being told there is no cure are actually caused because their bodies are chronically dehydrated. It's known for example that a majority of cancer patients have many things in common and one of them is that they almost never drink water. Drinking soda, alcohol or anything other than PURE clean water is not the same. Water eases the work on all the organs especially the all important kidneys. The stronger your kidney are, the stronger your immune system is and the stronger you are overall, even physically stronger too. So start drinking a lot more water instead of soda, fruit juices (unless freshly made) and other store bought junk drinks and make sure that your kids are drinking more water as well and avoiding soda or other sugary junk drinks.

All water is not the same. There is more and more evidence that water has amazing and almost magical properties. The structure of water is almost as important as it's purity. Structure has to do with how the molecules in the water are aligned which gives it much of it's truly healthful properties. Modern water systems, piping and filtration systems destroys the waters structure and cancels so much of it's life giving and healthful properties.

Water even responds to ones thought as has been demonstrated by the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto and his book "The Hidden Messages in Water". Dr. Emoto took water and while it was freezing, he had people think either positive or negative thoughts AT the water. What he found was amazing in that positive thoughts of love, compassion and friendship created beautiful, symmetrical crystal structures. While negative thoughts such as hate, anger and pain created ugly, distorted warped and almost mutated looking crystals.

Why is this so important for health? Since our bodies are over 70% water, our thoughts not only effect our own health but can even effect the health of other people. Water has been shown to respond in the same way even when pieces of paper with the same positive or negative WORDS were written on them. As the water froze the crystals still took on the same beautiful or ugly shapes as it did when test subjects were used. Truly amazing.

Take a look at this video on the structure of water to learn more.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ACT,...defines any article 'intended for use in the diagnosis, ...treatment, or prevention of disease' as a 'drug' an individual dying of thirst could called a 'drug." - Michael Culbert, Freedom From Cancer.


"The superior doctor prevents disease, the mediocre doctor treats imminent disease, the poor doctor treats the disease itself."

Many doctors and health care practitioners will tell you that many of these things are not true, or are not verified, or there is little evidence of this or that. Well just look at the state of health in this country and the world. Even though there are more and more fitness and workout video's, more and more diets and diet drugs and more and more doctors, people are still getting fatter and fatter, and sicker and sicker the world over. The reason is that it's all in what we eat. This video goes FAR beyond just telling you not to eat sugar, salt, cakes and more, I tell you WHY it's so bad, what it's really doing to your body, your cells, DNA and your health and the health of your children too. This is the critical difference that all of my students and people who follow this program have told me that really helped them to see and easily motivate them to stop eating all the donuts, cakes, cookies and other common "foods" that we are exposed too dozens of times a day in this country and the world over. Once people understood what it was really doing to their bodies, it was almost a no brainier to stop eating those foods. Doctors and the medical community lead people to believe either directly or unconsciously that there is little to no connection between what we eat and our countless illnesses.

Vitamin World

They lead you to believe that they don't know why, these things just happen, and that you can't know why, like it's just genetics, DNA, fate or karma. In fact, the medical community is in itself and type of false religion. Leading a person to put all their faith in the doctor and his "miracle working drugs" almost to the point of them being a false god. The medical community plays upon the complete lack of proper nutritional and dietary education in this country to keep everyone in subservience to there so called cures and pills. That is one reason that doctors long ago came up with such complicated and technical sounding names for simple ailments. If no one could understand their language, you could not figure out how to cure yourself, so you had no choice but to go to someone who could decode this mysterious and mind boggling language, and give you a cure. It was done to make the average person feel ignorant, and thereby discourage you from even trying to understand your own condition or heal yourself and you would put all your faith, whether consciously or subconsciously in the doctor. Chinese medicine does not do this at all. Though it's language is flowery and poetic, once you understand what it's talking about, even the average person has no trouble knowing what it means and making sense of their problems. This type of flowery language was known to the common people and it actually helped one to understand the illness and solution to a deeper level.

Something that almost none seem to see is the fact that not ONE drug had EVER cured anyone of anything. Whereas ancient techniques of breathing, meditation, Qigong, herbs, acupuncture and acupressure have, can and do continue to remove illnesses every day.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "(Doctors) collectively have done more to block adequate medical care for people of this country than any other single group." - Jimmy Carter.


That's what is so great about Chinese medicine and the Chinese Health and Fitness video. Like Chinese medicine itself, it doesn't talk in complicated language or technical terms that try to belittle your intellect or confuse you. It just tells you in straight foreword language the TRUTH about what modern "foods", drink, stress and other common substances that we are all exposed to every day are really doing to our health, bodies and minds. What's more, we ALL pay for this in terms of higher prices for everything that we buy. Since stores and companies have to make up the hundreds of billions of dollars that it costs them for the mostly "free" health care that their workers get, they have to raise prices for their good or services to make up for that cost. As much as one third of the price and any goods or service that you purchase on a daily basis is there, simply because of the enormous health care prices that hospitals, doctors and insurance companies charge to "supposedly cure" them of their health problems. But of course, almost none are ever really cured. It's so funny how they "cured" Polio, but ever since then all they can do is come up with treatments for things, which so conveniently causes the patient to have to rely on a constant stream of drugs, doctor visits or surgeries, or all three. All the while making the person "think" or "feel" that they are being taken care of when their really simply being kept on the hook of modern so called medicine. This is one of the oldest scams in history! That's not to say that in some cases, drugs and surgery are not necessary, because they are, in about 10% of cases. When a problem becomes acute or life threatening, either because of neglect or the speed at which a dis-ease occurs then radical drugs and/or surgery may be necessary to save ones life. But the goal of Chinese Health and Fitness is to teach you how to eat and live, so that nothing ever gets to that state in the first place. That's the whole idea of preventative medicine, and that's the goal that we all want to shoot for.

From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "Employing...nutrition and vitamin of the nation's largest alcoholism treatment programs reports a 71% success rate. This contrasts with...(a) national...rate (of) 25% as reported by NIAAA."

"...All patients reported a loss of craving for drugs while taking large doses of Vitamin C, during detoxification. Of the first 30 carefully monitored heroin addicts, 30 successfully withdrew from their addiction with no more than minor discomfort. None of the 30 were reported to have relapsed...Similar results have been reported by other doctors...:Archie Kalokerinos..."- Irwin Stone, Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, 1977.


The best thing is to become ones own doctor. This normally takes a lot of research and learning. Through the Chinese Health And Fitness video I've already done much of that study and work for you. By passing along the true bottom line information and techniques on what you really need to stay healthy, you'll be able to only do those practices that will truly bring the results that so many are looking for.

When you follow the Chinese way, especially the way of the Tao, Chinese martial artists and other groups in Chinese society, you are getting thousands of years of wisdom, trail and error, insight and experience all in one. Every time Chinese medicine has been doubted by modern medicine, time and again it has always been proved to be correct. In Chinese martial arts, there are many secret training techniques for great strength, power, speed, toughening of the body and much more. Because martial artists had to be in the highest levels of health, fitness, with a calm mind, their research over the millennia led them to discover hundreds of special techniques, herbs, breathings, meditations and much more to increase health, strength and eventually as they found out in time....longevity.

One obvious and great example of this is Tai Chi. Tai chi was, and still is, one of the most powerful and effective martial arts that has ever been created. Today it is known primarily as a remarkably effective health system. But it is also an even more effective martial art. The healthy flow of Chi which is enhanced by a calm mind that Tai Chi brings to the body is one of the main ways that it cures so many "incurable" diseases and conditions. The Eight Pieces of Brocade/Eight Silk Breathing that I teach on this video very is similar to Tai Chi. Whereas Tai Chi is a moving meditative form, Eight Silk Breathing is a standing form which focuses more on the upper and middle body. However, by doing this breathing in a lower stance as taught in the video, we can get the legs much more involved and give them a serious workout as well as build lots of chi in the vital legs channels. The Horse stance, or horse-riding stance is one of the main techniques for health and longevity. Since the kidney meridians (energy channels) run down the legs, we not only greatly strengthen the leg muscles, tendons, bones and joints, but we also generate large amounts of this vital life force (chi) in the legs and begin to fill up those vessels (storage channels) with this vital energy. The more chi you have, the more life you have, the greater is your health, vitality, energy and longevity. You will learn all this and more in the Chinese Health and Fitness video.


From Medical Dark Ages Quotes "During three different strikes by MD's (in) the mid-1970's (in Israel, Columbia, and California), death rates fell between 18% and 50%..." -Peter Chowka, "The Failure of Specialty Medicine", Journal of the Nutritional Academy.







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